Bliss CONNECTING the Value Based World of Healthcare

Bliss is launching its Bliss CONNECT product commercially for traditional and innovative organizations looking to make the leap into the Value Based Care segment.

In this time of evolving payer models, it is increasingly difficult to have one foot in traditional payer models and yet keep the other foot testing the waters of the emerging market.

Bliss Health’s first commercial launch is targeted at the physician marketplace which is lacking a real solution for the Value Based market. Traditional EMRs were designed for how physicians practice now and for the last 50 years. They are essentially electronic filing cabinets with a back end that bills. There is more practice management and less health management inherent to legacy EMR systems. Bliss Health is seeking to augment these EMRs and traditional practices by bolting on a revolutionary cloud-based Chronic Care Management Platform which will enable these traditional practices to put a foot into the VBC pool and prime their practice for what else is out there.

Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring are great primers for true Comprehensive Care Programs that both CMS and other commercial managed care providers are rolling out. The Centers for Innovation for CMS is churning out new programs monthly, with the focus being on increasing patient accessibility, increasing patient engagement, closing care gaps through managing health across the continuum/between providers, and in between appointments. The focus is on maintaining health rather than treating sickness, averting facility based emergent care through proper health management at home.

Bliss is not a one trick pony gimmick solution for this. In fact, just the opposite. Bliss CONNECT is a ROBUST platform that link care management, care coordination, patient and care community engagement, care monitoring, video conferencing, physician EMR toolset, and more on one platform that is cloud based, web based, and app based for easy access anywhere. Through a CCM program, a practice can spread its wings, engage their patients and staff, and dedicate a team and product and process flow that can be leveraged to meeting some of these new payment models that are soon to make up the majority of payment models in our healthcare system.

Get BLISSED, Get CONNECTED, Get BLISS CONNECTEC. Schedule a Demo Today and see how you can expand your practice capabilities, revenues, begin your own evolution, and invest in the last software and technology solution your practice will need.

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