Meeting “Face to Face” Has Never Been Simpler!

My Meeting Room service from Bliss Health is solving solutions for various care providers who are looking for a simple, quick to deploy, and inexpensive video conferencing solution. Secure video calls combined with secure messaging allows for HIPAA secure communication on the fly. This is all built on the larger Bliss CONNECT Platform, that can optionally expand seamlessly to larger use cases as your needs expand.

App to App, Web to Web, App to Web…what more can you ask for?
-Video screen sahring
-HD Quality HIPAA Secure Video Calls
-Secure Messaging (text, video, audio)
-Build a community around the patient for easy connection
-Invite unlimited staff, friends, family, patients…

Sure, we have that too! Unlimited user, unlimited use, one simple monthly price, no contracts, and FREE for the first month!

Bliss Health is CONNECTING your ecosystem, one patient at a time!

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